Live in connection with nature and with what really matters


Is a lab of possibilities in which the imagination of the participants play together to create a new way of living and thriving...

A residential, wellness eco-tourism and regenerative community. With a non-invasive ecological footprint, and shared spaces for longevity, personal growth and alignment with the cycles of nature.


Be part of a space with friends who share the same vision as you.


A  future in which you can invest in yourself while healing, and being able to breathe deep, learning the art of nourishing your body, bio hacking your health, training your mind and connecting your energy with nature to co-create the world you want to live in.

Contribute who you are, enjoy, collaborate and receive the gifts that each space and participant/teacher has for you, and have income producing property while playing together. 

6.5 hectares of dry tropical woods with ocean views in every lot, 7 minutes away from the magical playa Guiones.


A Costa Rican beach town loaded with amazingly talented people that creates an environment of wellness and personal growth like very few places on the planet.

We are focused on promoting longevity, well-being, co creation spaces, respect for the planet and a new way of sharing in community.

Respira includes 11 parcels of 5000 mts with an ocean view platform that allows you to build an organic, non-invasive beautiful home, on top of a pristine tropical dry forest that we will have the privilege to protect together and use as a healing space for health, connection and personal growth.

Regenerative architecture using local resources and air/water/light natural flow.

Each one of us build their own home with the benefits of scale economy sharing same architect and builder.

Besides the private spaces, each one of the 11 spaces will offer a shared space for the community in which we all can enjoy, and co-create together. A healing lab with cutting edge technologies and natural therapies for longevity, the healing of the visitors and the environment: Sound healing, cold plunge, sauna, Holistic and functional medicine, yoga and meditation, medicinal gardens, botanical therapies, shared kitchens, sound proof room etc...

and a magic orchid nursery forest.

Food forest, Regenerative co creation, longevity and a magic orchid. 


Respira is a place where life comes first.


Living, Friendship, Healing, Sharing, Working, and Creating with purpose. First and foremost, its home. And everyone living or staying there should feel that way.

  • 11 Lots with the possibility to build up to 500 sqm. 
  • Shared ceremonial area. 
  • Shared features on each house for longevity, networking, recording and co creating.
  • Trails to creek & orchid forest
  • Retreat guests 
  • Wellness traveler 
  • Experience seeker 
  • Unique purpose Rental / BNB 

Property overview


Respira Esperanza is located on the hills of Nosara, in Costa Rica’s most thriving eco/wellness, tourist destination.  Beautifully located overlooking the ocean, at 8 to 10 minute access to Guiones beach.

We chose this site for its views, access, and peaceful nature that enveloped the property.

Master plan by:

Vida Design Studio



RESPIRA NOSARA is located in a wellness/family town that have already proven to sustain a great vibratory frequency in which people share and co-create in comunity nurture the body, mind and spirit with avant-garde proposals.

Investors/Network of friends


An opportunity to invest in regenerative real estate and create positive impact on our neighborhoods and comunities, while also having a strong return on investment. Our investors own Asset & the Land and enjoy healthy yearly income and asset appreciation over time.

A solution to own a rental property without having to worry about dealing with development, managing staff and maintenance, and the difficulties in marketing & renting the units. 


Why Nosara?

A family and wellness oriented town with:

Great education:  Del Mar Academy

World class yoga and retreats:  Bodhi tree

Dandapani Ashram

Blue Spirit

Wellness Culture:  The Apothecary

What to do:

“People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life.

I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive." 

 Joseph Campbell 

Thank you!

Feel free to reach out any time:

Carla Pérez-Galicia

+506 7012 7348

[email protected]

IG: @respira_nosara